Concert 29th April

Details of our next concert at Ipplepen Village Hall are below; to reserve tickets in advance, please contact us by email:


2 thoughts on “Concert 29th April”

  1. Tom asked for feedback following the concert at Ipplepen on Sunday.
    The combination of DCHQ, Rebecka, and Catherine & Alex from Resonance made a very well balanced and varied performance which John and I enjoyed enormously. We expected one half to be DCHQ, and the other half to be Becka, Catherine & Alex. The more frequent changes gave a more relaxed atmosphere and it felt more sociable somehow. The number of opportunities to join in made it feel really inclusive, and when Becka lead us all in the first encore the energy in the audience was very strong.

    It goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway – the quality of the singing was excellent! The wide range of songs was great as well.

    Please take this as encouragement to do something similar in future.

    Chris Gunson


    1. Thanks for the feedback Chris, glad that you enjoyed the concert :). We will advertise any future gigs on this website and definitely hope to perform again with Rebecka and The Resonance in the future.

      Nick (DCHQ)


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